ANTIOXIDANT facial is perfect for those interested in slowing down the aging process. Free radicals such as the sun, pollution and stress are major contributions to cell damage and early signs of aging in the skin. The ingredients in this facial will infuse the skin with mega-doses of antioxidants leaving your skin at its maximum ability to resist future cell damage and correct previously damaged cells. You will leave this treatment with skin that radiates freshness and beauty.

The treatment will begin with the facial, the ingredients of this treatment will vary based on patient’s needs but the results will be the same. During this step, your face, neck and décolleté will be thoroughly cleansed to remove excess dirt and oil; a toner will then be applied to the area to balance the skin’s pH levels.

The next step of this treatment is to apply an exfoliating mask; this will exfoliate the skin and promote healthy skin growth. Following the mask and if needed, extractions are performed. An extraction is the process of removing blackheads, whiteheads or pimples from the face.

A combination of vitamins, growth factors, and antioxidants are then applied to the face to infuse these ingredients with the skin. Vitamins, growth factors, and antioxidants all help promote healthy and beautiful skin, the deeper these ingredients penetrate the skin the better the results. This facial includes an arm and décolleté massage.

- Volume of water and lipids restoration.
- Oxidative stress and free radicals production  blockade.
- Increase of circulatory activity with de-congesting action.
- Global antioxidant action.
- Cell damage repair.
- Collagen neo-sinthesis stimulation.
- Immune defenses restoration.
- Cell regeneration processes activation.

60 MINUTES | $129