Infini™ RF microneedling for acne scars, skin tightening and dermal rejuvenation

While you may have seen consumer microneedling products on the market, the Infini™ RF by Lutronic® is a medical-grade system that goes a far step beyond. It doesn’t only create the punctures in your skin to stimulate collagen. It also delivers bipolar RF (radiofrequency) to heat a deep area of dermal layer. This magnifies the skin tightening effects of microneedling, making it a professional treatment for conditions like acne scars, stretch marks, keloids, wrinkles and more.

That said, Infini RF™ microneedling is one solution of many that can do the trick of healing these troublesome skin conditions. Booking a in-person consultation at our clinic will help us give you the best advice on which treatment we think will work for your case.

What is there to love about Infini™ RF microneedling?

Infini RF™ microneedling is a great ‘middle of the road’ solution for skin tightening – especially for those who practice beauty regimes religiously, and just want an ‘upkeep’ treatment. Let’s say you want something stronger than say, home-based microneedling products or microdermabrasion treatments. But you also don’t want to undergo a drastic procedure like plastic surgery for a small ‘boost’ of collagen and elastin. Professional-grade microneedling with radio frequency energy may be the answer.

The best part is that Infini RF™ can do its job effectively, with minimal downtime or side-effects. That is, compared to more ablative solutions, like fractional CO2 lasers, YAG lasers or Fraxel® lasers.

It can also be used as a preventative anti-aging treatment, in addition to a restorative one.

With adjustable needle lengths, different depths of the skin can be targeted for a customizable, versatile treatment. In addition, different heads for the handpiece can deliver 16 or 49 microneedles at a time, making it easier to treat small areas around the eyes, or larger areas on the cheeks, for instance.

And, it works safely on any skin colour or type – even dark skin!

What skin conditions can Infini™ RF microneedling treat?

Infini RF™ can create noticeable results for those looking to treat:

Sagging skin (laxity of the skin)
Stretch marks (striae alba)
Acne and acne scars
Uneven skin tone and texture
Rosacea or other pigmentation issues

White Infini RF™ is most often used on the face and neck, it can be used on all parts of the body.

How does Infini™ RF microneedling work for skin tightening and pigmentation issues?

Infini RF™ has the advantage of using radio frequency energy only at the tip of its needles, while keeping the rest of the needle stem insulated. This allows for what’s called, “High Intensity Focused RF Microneedling.” In other words, instead of creating long, downward wounds in the skin, it only creates small pockets of intentional injury after being injected at different depths. These tiny ‘micro injuries’ then stimulate your body’s healing response to produce collagen and elastin under the surface layer of the skin. You’ll experience only a little redness, and minimal downtime as a result, while not sacrificing effectiveness or safety.

The needles on the Infini RF™ are made with surgical-grade stainless steel. Either 16 or 49 of these microneedles are attached to a handpiece at a time. Because the needles are separate, this treatment is considered fractional – meaning, small, individual pockets of the skin are pierced, instead of the entire skin zone being ‘blanketed’ by the treatment (such as with a plasma treatment).

Together, the microneedles cover a very small area of the skin at a time (1 sq cm for each 49-needle penetration). However, they work fast! Each treatment session creates about “50,000+ micro-coagulation zones.”

The tiny needles also work at different depths in the skin, which can be customized by the practitioner, from 0.5 mm to 3.5 mm. The idea is to go over the treatment area with 3 passes. The first time will be the deepest penetration, followed by a lower pass, and then finished off with the most shallow pass. This way, more of the skin is covered, without going over the coagulation (treated) zones twice (which can otherwise be more painful).

The healing and regenerative process will continue after the treatment for months afterwards – even up to a year or longer.

Before the treatment, we’ll apply a numbing cream to the area. During the treatment, you may feel some discomfort. However, most people find it tolerable,. Pain eases after the treatment is over. Some have described it as a snapping or stinging sensation.

The entire face can take 45 – 60 minutes to treat with Infini RF™, after the numbing cream has taken effect. The face, neck and chest can take between 60 to 90 minutes, with additional time needed for numbing.

How many treatments does Infini™ RF require to see anti-aging results?

The exact number of treatments needed for each skin condition will vary from person to person. This is because the severity of your case, as well as other factors, can play a part in how it is treated.

However, generally speaking, it is often recommended to undergo 3 to 4 treatments, spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. At our clinic, we require a minimum of 3 treatments, since desired results are highly unlikely with any fewer. Patients with deep acne scarring may need 4 – 6 or more treatments.

Thereafter, you may chose to do a maintenance treatment every 6 to 12 months.

Results will be most visible after 6 to 12 months. Though, your skin will gradually change for up to a year after a treatment series. The effectiveness of an Infini RF™ treatment will depend on your genetics and age, as well as your lifestyle habits (such as whether you smoke or tan a lot).

Is there downtime after Infini™ RF treatments? What about side effects?

Downtime will not be very long after an Infini RF™ treatment. You may experience redness, peeling and acne breakouts during the healing process. The initial side-effects will last about 3 – 7 days, and will feel like a bad sunburn.


At JEUNESSE SPA AND SKIN CARE we will evaluate your condition and then determine which treatment plan would best suit your individual needs. Please contact our office today to schedule your initial consultation.