InnoAesthetics consists of a multidisciplinary team of professionals that combines technical-pharmaceutical knowledge with the scientific-medical support to provide a comprehensive response to the market with it´s own identity stamp. Innoaesthetic retrieves the dedication and devotion of the pharmaceutical formulation of the classical laboratory and implements it in manufacturing advanced galenic developments, making exclusive formulas that visibly improves skin appearance.

Getting maximum bioavailability and synergy for the formulations and actives, which permit giving a global response and obtaining the best clinical outcomes, optimal, evident and completely safe for patient.


INNO-EXFO, a portfolio of eight peeling products each comprising each comprising classical peeling acids specific to various pathologies. The upper and middle layers of the skin can be targetted in order to achieve skin renewal.

The active ingredients of each peel will address both upper and middle layers of the skin in order to achieve the optimum result; renewed, revitalised skin.

INNO-EXFO improves the appearance of the skin, minimizes signs of ageing, brightens, reduces hyper pigmentation and various other skin abnormalities.

Each of our products provides:

Minimal irritation - Good tolerance - Easy application - Safety and confidence - Effective results.


The INNO-DERMA product line is based on formulas designed to provide specific solutions to aesthetic problems. A process of rigorous research leads us to selecting ingredients of the latest generation and creating unbeatable combinations to improve the signs that appear on the skin with the passage of time.

Our products are developed by a multidisciplinary group that consists of physicians, pharmacists, chemists and technical skin specialists, along with the support of science and their own experience, through a process of scientific research whose purpose is to find the best active principles for each symptom.


INNO-TDS formulations have been conceived for transdermal delivery by the skin care professional. The formulation allows the active ingredients to pass through the upper layers of the skin to reach the dermis below, with-out compromising the delicate skin balance.

These formulations allow the various active ingredients to pass through the stratum corneum to reach the deeper layers of the skin.

Active ingredients are released into the target area rapidly but in a gentle manner with no side effects.

TDS formulations are made without preservatives and are completely pure and sterile.


Nutri-cosmetic products with in and out function. They act on the nutrition of the cells and tissues resulting in an integral treatment from the IN, which helps to obtain effective results. Acting from the inside the INNO-CAPS products reach the skin, correcting signs of aging, preventing hair loss and fighting against fat deposits in general throughout the body.

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UPDATE MAY 28 2020

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