Diminish Fine Lines & Wrinkles | Get Younger-Looking Skin

Have you noticed fine lines and wrinkles on your face that weren’t there before? If you are bothered by the looks of those lines and wrinkles, our physician at All About You Medical Spa can help. We offer the latest in filler and antiaging treatments, including Juvederm. This treatment can also be used on your lips to plump them up for a natural and soft effect.

Juvederm offers the following advantages:

  •     Results last for 12-18 months
  •     Younger-looking, taunt skin
  •     Minimal pain or downtime
  •     The results are natural and effective
  •     Non-invasive treatment
  •     Soften the signs of aging

Juvederm is an effective and natural looking anti-aging treatment that restores your youthful appearance. The gel used in Juvederm is primarily composed of a long-lasting hyaluronic acid which is a material, naturally found, readily throughout the human body. It promotes the hydration of the skin as well as serves to restore volume to your skin and its underlying foundations.

Juvederm is an excellent option to treat:

  •     Smiles lines (thin, superfiicial lines around the eyes, mouth and forehead)
  •     Facial lines
  •     Deep nasolabial folds
  •     Marionette lines
  •     Restore sensuality to your lips

It's time to be the envy of your friends. Reduce wrinkles, rejuvenate your skin and restore your youthful appearance with Juvederm. This anti-aging, non-surgical treatment takes about 10-15 minutes and has almost no downtime.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment to discuss Juvederm or other filler options, please call our office at (905) 553-5522.