Acne affects people of all ages. Those living with severe acne or acne scarring can suffer profound social anxiety, depression, and social isolation. For men and women seeking acne treatment at Jeunesse Spa and Skin Care our professional team can find the right treatment and aftercare regiments for your needs.

Causes of Acne  

Acne is caused by a build up of dirt, oil, bacteria and other substances such as dead skin cells, within the pores of the skin. Some people are more susceptible to acne than others. Those who have naturally oily skin, larger pores, or have greater exposure to acne causing bacteria, are more likely to suffer from acne. Some acne is also caused by hormonal changes such as puberty, pregnancy, menopause and hormonal birth control. People who have food sensitivities may even suffer from acne as a reaction to certain foods.

Types of Acne

There are several different types of acne. at Jeunesse Spa and Skin Care we treats the most common forms, including:

Comedones - This milder form of acne presents as blackheads and whiteheads, usually on the face.

Pustules - Moderate, pus-filled acne is caused when a pore becomes clogged and infected with bacteria, dead cells and a surplus of the oils normally produced by your skin. It appears on the face, arms, neck, back and legs.

Papules - Another moderate form of acne. Raised, red papules are caused by pores clogged with oils or bacteria, which become inflamed. Like pustules, they can appear on various bodily areas, but they do not contain pus.

Cysts or nodules - The most severe form of acne, sometimes develop when papules or pustules become aggravated. These large, soft, sub-surface lesions can also be painful. If hard discs also appear beneath the skin, nodulocycstic acne occurs. This in turn increases the level of pain and the risk of scarring.

If you are living with one or several of these acne conditions, at Jeunesse Spa and Skin Care acne removal treatments is right for you. It is important to refrain from trying to scratch, squeeze, or ‘pop’ your acne – this might worsen the infection and produce scarring. It is also important to remember that acne often isn’t one’s ‘fault,’ as it’s usually a genetic condition. You deserve professional treatment to regain your confidence and be your best self.

Laser Acne Removal Treatment             

Jeunesse Spa and Skin Care our professional team uses the safest and most innovative technology customized for each client’s needs. For our acne removal treatments we use Nd:YAG Laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) technologies. These versatile tools are specifically designed to treat several forms of severe acne for a variety of skin types.

The laser emits a wavelength that penetrates through the skin and is concentrated within the overactive sebaceous (oil) glands; the root cause of acne. The heating of the sebaceous glands causes a mild thermal exertion that changes the activity and function of the glands, leading to prolonged reduction in acne breakouts. In addition to reducing the activity of the gland, the laser kills the acne causing bacteria under the skin.

It has proven to be extremely effective in rapidly bringing the inflammatory lesions of acne under control, often irresponsive to other acne therapies. In addition to the anti-inflammatory action, the laser inactivates the acne forming bacteria. Furthermore, since it targets the blood vessels, it effectively reduces the appearance of chronic red blemishes and red acne scars.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is ideal for destorying acne bacteria for rapid clearance of current acne breakouts. At Jeunesse Spa and Skin Care, we use a combination of Intense Pulse Light and pore-centered suction to clear out and shrink clogged pores. With absolutely no pain and downtime, you will be able to resume to your regular activities.

To help retain your new, acne free skin and prevent the recurrence of blemishes, our professional will review post-treatment and long term skin care regimen.

A $50 deposit is required in order to book a consultation. The deposit will go towards any future services that are booked with Jeunesse Spa and Skin Care at the consultation. The deposit is non refundable.