Welcome to Bespoke Skincare

Imagine…skincare so precisely tailored… individualized…that it addresses every skincare concern you might have perfectly – and powerfully. Imagine a skincare program that soothes, refines, balances, corrects and prevents with formulations developed specifically for you, and no one else. With Universkin, your days of searching for that one product that is just right for you among the endless options are over.

Gone: One product for wrinkles, another for your dry skin, yet another for your rosacea.

Now, with Universkin, those days are over. Universkin gives you just one or two products created specifically for you and your skin concerns, with formulations that perfectly combine all the powerfully effective ingredients you need for fresh, glowing, healthy skin.

About Universkin

No other skincare program as powerfully addresses every skincare concern you might have, with formulations developed specifically – and precisely – for you. And no other skincare program has 19 “Actives” – potent, pharmaceutical grade, skin-enhancing, ingredients – that are available in 57 possible concentrations. That means Universkin can create close to 1,200 unique formulations, truly personalizing your skincare far more precisely than you have ever experienced before.

Whatever your concerns – skin that’s stressed, or wrinkled…loss of volume or firmness… inflammation and redness… inflammatory acne or rosacea…dry skin or thickened skin that may have blackheads and comedones…oily skin and acne…even lentigo, melasma or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation – with just one or two products formulated specifically for you, you’re on your way to the best skin you’ve had in years.

At the heart of Universkin: science and research, which led to a unique delivery system

Developed by some of Europe’s most renowned Dermatologists, Cosmetic Surgeons and skincare scientists, Universkin is skin science at work: ten years of research and clinical studies led to remarkable skincare breakthroughs – soothing, repairing, pharmaceutical grade formulations that are created individually and specifically for you by your Universkin specialist.

Universkin science created the perfect “delivery system.” Highly soothing and nourishing in itself, our anti-inflammatory patented P Serum delivers the pharmaceutical-grade active ingredients prescribed specifically for you based on an in-depth consultation with your Universkin specialist. And your formula can be refined over time as your skin changes with time and the season.

Getting started with Universkin: The personal approach

How to begin? Universkin starts with an extensive skin analysis with a Universkin trained skincare expert. Through a comprehensive questionnaire and personal consultation, together you’ll pinpoint your skin concerns and what you’d like to achieve. Then, your Universkin specialist will select the right ingredients – the Universkin “Actives” – that will work in combination to achieve your skincare goals. Two powerful Universkin formulations, one for day and one for night, will address all your skincare needs

Five Simple Steps to Customized Skincare

From initial consultation to great results: it’s as easy as this
STEP 1 - Your Universkin specialist does a careful evaluation of your skin including an in-depth questionnaire.
STEP 2 - Your Universkin specialist determines the precise formulations for your skin.
STEP 3 - In less than one minute, your personalized formulas are prepared while you wait.
STEP 4 - Use your Universkin serums as directed, morning and/or evening.
STEP 5 - As your skin changes with time or the seasons, re-evaluate and refine your personal formula.