ROYAL JELLY GINSENG facial is a complete anti-ageing revamp for your skin, giving you instant plumping and luminescence, with transformative and lasting results. This 15-step super facial works on every layer of the skin, including the eyes and lips. It focuses on a cellular level to stimulate collagen production, brighten, increase natural hydration, lift and tighten, plump, resurface, and repair damaged, lacklustre skin.

Using a precise combination of innovative equipment and today’s most advanced products, this powerful treatment will make a significant change in not just how your skin looks, but also how it functions, by helping to restore overall health and vitality. With proper maintenance, the texture and quality of your skin will continue to improve over the ensuing months.

ROYAL JELLY GINSENG Renovation is great for anyone looking for a superior, all-in-one anti-ageing, facial that will give you significant results for both specific issues as well as the overall health of your skin. Because it is so stimulating to skin, it’s a great way to jump-start a new skincare regime aimed at total skin renovation and rejuvenation.This treatment includes an arm and décolleté massage.

- Cutaneous thickness reduction.
- Hydrophilic reserve recovery.
- Sebaceous activity regulation.
- Dermal density increased.
- Melanocyte activity regulation.
- Circulatory activity stimulation, improving skin oxygenation.

60 MINUTES | $139