TENSI LIFT Facial gained fame at Jeunesse Spa Skin Care as the must-have treatment for stars requiring a glowing complexion on demand. The TENSI LIFT Facial Facial is designed to create the same skin-illuminating results. The secret is in its formulation, which is a combination of masterfully blended AHAs creating a uniquely intelligent exfoliation system. When applied to the skin, the peel’s effervescent sensation works to deeply “steam clean” the pores, dissolving impurities. The skin becomes clearer, brighter and more refined. The final step, the Polishing Mask, injects a powerful blend of deeply hydrating ingredients, which then the skin is rejuvenated. The only side effect is loving how you look!

- Hydrophilic reserve recovery.
- Hormonal skin activity integration.
- Collagen synthesis increase.
- Elastin fibers reinforcement.
- Hydrophilic film restoration.
- Circulatory activity increase.
- Production of dermal macro-molecules acceleration with filling / lifting effect.

60 MINUTES | $139