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magine…skincare so precisely tailored…individualized…that it addresses every skincare concern you might have perfectly – and powerfully. Imagine a skincare program that soothes, refines, balances, corrects and prevents with formulations developed specifically for you, and no one else. With Universkin, your days of searching for that one product that is just right for you among the endless options are over.

Gone: One product for wrinkles, another for your dry skin, yet another for your rosacea.

Now, with Universkin, those days are over. Universkin gives you just one or two products created specifically for you and your skin concerns, with formulations that perfectly combine all the powerfully effective ingredients you need for fresh, glowing, healthy skin.


No other skincare program as powerfully addresses every skincare concern you might have, with formulations developed specifically – and precisely – for you. And no other skincare program has 19 “Actives” – potent, pharmaceutical grade, skin-enhancing, ingredients – that are available in 57 possible concentrations. That means Universkin can create close to 1,200 unique formulations, truly personalizing your skincare far more precisely than you have ever experienced before.

Whatever your concerns – skin that’s stressed, or wrinkled…loss of volume or firmness…inflammation and redness…inflammatory acne or rosacea…dry skin or thickened skin that may have blackheads and comedones…oily skin and acne…even lentigo, melasma or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation – with just one or two products formulated specifically for you, you’re on your way to the best skin you’ve had in years.

At the heart of Universkin: science and research, which led to a unique delivery system

Developed by some of Europe’s most renowned Dermatologists, Cosmetic Surgeons and skincare scientists, Universkin is skin science at work: ten years of research and clinical studies led to remarkable skincare breakthroughs – soothing, repairing, pharmaceutical grade formulations that are created individually and specifically for you by your Universkin specialist.

Getting started with Universkin: The personal approach

How to begin? Universkin starts with an extensive skin analysis with a Universkin trained skincare expert. Through a comprehensive questionnaire and personal consultation, together you’ll pinpoint your skin concerns and what you’d like to achieve. Then, your Universkin specialist will select the right ingredients – the Universkin “Actives” – that will work in combination to achieve your skincare goals. Two powerful Universkin formulations, one for day and one for night, will address all your skincare needs

Five Simple Steps to Customized Skincare

STEP 1: Your Universkin specialist does a careful evaluation of your skin including an in-depth questionnaire

STEP 2: Your Universkin specialist determines the precise formulations for your skin

STEP 3: In less than one minute, your personalized formulas are prepared while you wait

STEP 4: Use your Universkin serums as directed, morning and/or evening

STEP 5: As your skin changes with time or the seasons, re-evaluate and refine your personal formula

What’s concerning you? Universkin tackles all your skincare issues

Sun exposure, smoking, pollution and poor diet produce free radicals in the body that can lead to oxidative stress, the leading cause of premature aging. Signs of free radical damage can be seen in uneven skin tone, loss of elasticity and significant changes in skin texture. One of the ideal methods to fight oxidative stress is to apply antioxidants topically. Universkin offers a potent line-up of fresh antioxidant actives, ready to repair, protect and supercharge your skin.

Loss of volume, wrinkles and sagging skin are natural results of aging and hormonal changes. Visible signs of premature aging can be accelerated by lifestyle factors such as diet and sun exposure. Universkin’s powerful active ingredients allow you to halt and reverse signs of age. By applying them to a personalized formula that targets cellular renewal at its core, the freshly blended actives hydrate, strengthen and boost elasticity.

Signs of inflammation can be seen in the form of rashes or broken capillaries, and can result in flushing and tingling. Hypersensitivity can be caused by everything from hormonal imbalance and extreme changes in climate to allergies to certain foods. Free from chemical preservatives, your bespoke Universkin anti-inflammatory formula offers a pure skincare solution to minimize chronic inflammation and repair sensitive skin.

Skin can become parched due to environmental aggressors such as changes in temperature, lack of sleep, and hormonal changes. Dehydrated skin can appear extremely dull and requires a deeply penetrating formula to restore its glow. Universkin delivers powerful, pure active ingredients to effectively soothe, hydrate and repair the skin’s precious barrier.

The skin’s texture can be revelatory of our lifestyle choices and can cause the complexion to appear older than it is. With Universkin’s personalized skincare formulas, powerful bespoke blends of pure actives melt away dead skin cells, restore the skin’s supple texture and reveal a soft, youthful glow.

Oiliness or increased sebum production can be due to genetics, lifestyle or changes in hormone levels. Universkin offers the ideal solutions to restore the skin’s balance by delivering sebum-regulating actives directly to the site. Each carefully conceived formula takes your unique symptoms into account, restoring balance, tone and softness.

Skin discoloration can often be hereditary, age-related or caused by certain medications, and can lead to visible patches, darkening around injury sites, as well as age spots. With clinically-proven results, Universkin’s intensive blend of actives can help regulate pigmentation, diminish dark spots and restore your most luminous complexion.

Pimples can be caused by hormonal imbalances resulting in excess sebum production. Universkin’s targeted formula is comprised of freshly blended ingredients, each selected based on your skin’s unique characteristics to neutralize bacteria, calm inflammation, and repair and rebalance your skin’s flora.

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