Hollywood Carbon Peel


Hollywood Carbon Peel Treatment

Treatment Description:

The Carbon Hollywood Laser Peel is an innovative new aesthetic procedure that delivers the benefits of other, much more aggressive treatments without the discomfort and downtime commonly associated with many skin rejuvenation procedures. Carbon Hollywood Laser Peel's protocol leverages the power and flexibility of the laser system to provide additional photo-thermal stimulation of the epidermis and dermis by gently heating and mildly exfoliating the outermost layer of the skin.

The Carbon Hollywood Laser Peel assisted 2-step rejuvenation process shows dramatic results with enlarged pores, inflammatory acne, hyper-pigmentation, aging skin, melasma, and sun damage. With short treatment times and no downtime, patients can return to their normal lives immediately after treatment.

Benefits of Carbon Hollywood Laser Facial Treatment:

Skin Rejuvenation
Aging Skin
Active Acne
Large Pores
Acne Scars
Sun Damage
Yellow or Oily Skin

Service Includes:

Facial Cleansing
Facial Exfoliating
Facial Extraction
Carbon Hollywood Peel with Lifting V-Mask
Throat and Décolleté Massage

What to expect during your treatment:

A light layer of lotion will be applied to your skin, this lotion has a carbon base, so your skin will look as if you are wearing a mud mask. The treatment start with applying laser energy to your skin. You will hear slight snapping sounds when the laser is fired and may feel a slight tingling or warmth. Multiple passes will require over your skin until the carbon base is completely gone.

How many treatments will I need?

Typically we recommend to repeat treatment every 2 to 4 weeks and continue for 3 to 5 sessions or as needed based on your needs and your skin condition. Clinical results can be observed after the first treatment but will be most noticeable after the third and subsequent sessions.

Is there any downtime?

With no downtime and minimal side effects, you may immediately return to your daily activities.

Does Carbon Laser hurt?

The majority of patients report no pain, they only experience a slight warming of their skin and a light prickling feeling. Typically, no anesthesia or topical is needed.

Daily Care

Apply moisturizer and sunscreen.

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