Motus AX

Motus AX is a laser hair removal treatment manufactured by Deka, one of the top laser device producers in Europe. It uses an alexandrite laser, the most powerful hair removal laser, which seeks out very dark pigment in order to destroy hair follicles and break up pigment lesions in the skin. The treatment is relatively quick, with small areas completed in less than five minutes.

Alexandrite lasers, like the Motus AX, usually deliver results more quickly than other types of lasers, but they aren’t typically used on medium or dark skin tones, since they could also lead to burns or changes in pigmentation. Motus AX is the first high-speed alexandrite laser that’s safe for all skin tones, even those that are a type VI on the Fitzpatrick scale.

It circumvents concerns about burns or hyperpigmentation with its proprietary Moveo technology, a special handpiece that delivers low-energy pulses in slow, repetitive motions (rather than intense bursts of heat) over small areas. By gradually heating the area up, this delivery system minimizes damage to the skin around the follicles.

Applications of the Motus AX Laser:

Laser Hair Removal
Pigmented Lesions

Key Benefits of the Motus Laser

The technological breakthrough behind the Deka Motus AX & AY is the proprietary Moveo technology. This technology was developed to overcome the limitations of the traditional Alexandrite laser 755nm for hair removal while retaining all of its advantages.

Moveo Technology

Moveo technology (moveo is Italian for move) in the Motus Laser uses simple, even movements over a small area gradually heating the vital parts of the hair and delivering enough heat to destroy the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding skin. Because of the relative thermal relaxation time of the skin and the cooled sapphire tip, the Motus laser hair removal device makes treatments safe and completely comfortable for the patient.

More Energy Delivered

Most laser systems with visible and infrared wavelengths emit energy that is largely reflected by the skin thus reducing the energy available for therapeutic purposes. The unique Moveo handpiece was designed for the Motus AX and Motus AY laser to solve this problem, enabling 100% energy absorption. The result is double the energy transfer compared to standard and professional laser hair removal machines and pigmentation treatments.

The Moveo handpiece can also get extremely close to the skin’s surface. Unlike other lasers, which lose a portion of their energy when it reflects off the skin, the Motus laser’s energy is entirely absorbed by skin, making it effective enough to remove up to 90% of hair in as few as four treatments (vs. six to eight, with most laser hair removal treatment options).

Finally, the tip of the device cools skin on contact, which minimizes discomfort

What are the pros and cons of Motus AX?


It’s more comfortable than many other laser hair removal devices, which can be notoriously painful. There’s no rubber-band-type snapping sensation and not too much heat.

Motus AX is the only alexandrite laser that’s safe for all skin types, even very dark skin.

It’s more powerful and requires fewer hair removal sessions than the same procedure would with an Nd:YAG laser.

The pulse duration is extremely short, which allows it to target all hair types, including finer hair (which typically poses more of a challenge with traditional lasers).


The treatment area may still be sensitive afterward or have a bit of redness, which usually subsides within a day or two.

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