V Carbon Peel

V Carbon Peel is a modular system made up of 2 products (V Carbon Film and V Carbon Spray) that allows to make Medium or Deep peeling treatments depending on the patient’s needs.
This is possible thanks to the natural exfoliating agents:

Ferulic Acid
Mandelic Acid
Lactic Acid

with manageable regenerating and brightening qualities and to the antioxidant components:

Black Ginger extract, Licorice extract and to the famous properties of the Carbon itself – purifying and detox.

V Carbon Spray regulates the depth of treatment by blocking the action of the Film but at the same time give an immediate lifting effect thanks to the presence of specific micronized hexapeptides.


At JEUNESSE SPA AND SKIN CARE we will evaluate your condition and then determine which treatment plan would best suit your individual needs. Please contact our office today to schedule your initial consultation.

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UPDATE MAY 28 2020

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